Barcade New York

Barcade New York

Last updated:

May 17, 2023

Pinball machines:


Street Address

148 W 24th St

New York, NY 10011

About Barcade New York

Barcade in Manhattan is a must-visit for anyone looking for classic fun. Founded in 2004, Barcade opened its first location in Brooklyn and has since expanded to Detroit, Philadelphia, and Jersey City among other places. The Barcade Manhattan outpost is located on West 24th street and features five classic pinball machines along with a variety of retro video games and board games. But Barcade isn't just about the classic gaming experience - they also specialize in craft cocktails and local beers. And, thankfully, it's strictly adults only here - so you don't have to worry about constantly getting swarmed by a group of energetic children. Barcade serves snacks and meals too, with options including shared plates, sandwiches, salads and other tasty treats. Whether you're new to Barcade or an old pro stopping by the Big Apple outpost after visiting one of Barcade's other locations, the Barcade Manhattan location will give you that same sense of nostalgia and entertainment!

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