Roxy's A4cade

Roxy's A4cade

Roxy's A4Cade is a super unique, speakeasy style arcade located in the back of an unassuming grilled cheese restaurant (Roxy's Grilled Cheese) in Cambridge, MA. It's somewhat small, but makes up for its size with its trendy atmosphere and excellent collection of pinball machines, arcade games, and other coin-op activities. The games are maintained by the same people who maintain the games at Double Bull Taphouse, so machine quality is top notch. The pinball machines are mostly newer Stern games, though you are likely to see a few other modern manufacturers and classics thrown in. Delicious cocktails and a full food menu are available. This is not a great establishment for kids, as its more of a younger bar crowd. There are 9 pinball machines on site.


292 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02139

Pinball Machines


Last Updated

November 4, 2022