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Argosy is a pinball machine manufactured by Williams Electronic Games Inc. in 1977. Design by Chris Otis. Art by Christian Marche.
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Williams Electronic Games Inc.
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Argosy Rules

Quickie Version:

UTAD. Once your base bonus is maxed at 100,000, shoot the drop target bank to light the right side saucer for double bonus (first completion) and then extra ball (second completion). Resume UTAD.

Go-to Flipper:


Risk Index:


Shots to Master:



Make the top center lane to open the gate [lower left outlane].

Full Rules:

Desperation Nudge: almost never a good idea In general, your shots should be to the spinner from the left flipper and to the upper left advance bonus rollover disc from the right flipper until your bonus base is maxed out at 100,000. Both of these shots provide both points and an opportunity to get the ball into the top center “open gate” lane. If you don’t make the Skill Shot, or if at any time the gate is not open (it closes once used), you can also try a not-too-hard shatz of the left return lane to open the gate. I say “not too hard” on shatzing because a strong shot will open the gate, roll up the left outlane, trigger the gate to close, and the ball will then drain out that outlane. The spinner on this game can make or break you, and is the most important shot to master. The spinner lights and unlights on 10-point switch hits, i.e. the slingshots. It’s worth 100 unlit, 1000 when lit; a nicely “juiced” lit spinner can reward you with 40,000 points for a good shot. Once the bonus is maxed at 100K, you want to give yourself a chance to get the double bonus. Completing the drop target 4-bank once lights the right saucer for double bonus. A direct shot at the saucer rarely works - - it’s too hard and will be often be rejected; you can try it a few times if you like to see if your Argosy is less rejection-prone, but if it’s like most, you’re better off just shooting up top through the spinner, lit or not. You can often “luck” into double bonus via a kick from the left slingshot; observe where kicks from that slingshot go, then try nudging the ball when it hits that sling at a good speed and angle. With your bonus doubled, you could try to light the saucer to enable scoring an extra ball if they are enabled (if not, UTAD from the right flipper, either at that upper button or via transfer to the left flipper to shoot a lit spinner). Lighting the Extra Ball enabler at the right side saucer is done by completing the 4 drop targets a second time. Like double bonus, collecting it is more likely to be from a slingshot kick than a direct shot to the saucer. Even after you get the ball in the lit saucer, though, you don’t actually collect an extra ball unless the ball drains through the EB-lit outlane. In practice, between having to both get the ball in the saucer and drain through the lit outlane, both of which are more luck than skill here, I wouldn’t bother to actively try for it even if EBs are on, just continue UTAD. When your base bonus is maxxed out at 100,000, the value of the top center lane rises to 10,000, so it’s still very much worth nudging the ball into that lane whenever you can. It’s worth 11,000 when unlit (lane value plus bonus added), 10,000 when lit! Due to the high portion of your score that will come from end-of-ball bonus, desperation saves are almost never worth the risk. Key feeds: the “dribble down” roll from the upper left flat area and the kickout from the saucer.

via Bob's Guide

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