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Force II

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Force II is a pinball machine manufactured by D. Gottlieb & Co. in 1981. Design by John Osborne. Art by David Moore.
Primary manufacturer:
D. Gottlieb & Co.
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Game type:
Solid State
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Quickie Version:

Get at least one top colored lane, then hit the matching stand-up target to light the locks and play multiball. Shoot targets and the upper left lanes all day in multiball.

Go-to Flipper:


Risk Index:



Soft plunge into one of the top colored lanes, red, white and blue.

Full Rules:

Force II can be generous or more cruel than it looks. Bad first ball and you may be toast. The top colored lanes each light the same-colored stand-up targets elsewhere on the playfield. Red is upper right corner, white middle left, blue lower left. Hitting one of these lit targets enables the “second ball launcher” locks for multiball. It’s key to get a lane on the plunge because the only other way you’re likely to get one is from a shot through the top spinner with the far upper-left flipper. When you do have the ball on the upper flipper, go for the spinner towards the top colored lanes whenever you have less than all three completed. The two locks are one dead center and one just right of the lower right flipper. It’s not uncommon to have a ball go into the lower lock on its own. After you lock a ball, you just plunge a second ball and multiball begins when you hit a switch. During multiball, smack targets all day; drops score 5K, completing them scores 5K plus another 5K per lit target. Default setting is to have two lights on for each bank to start the game, so that’s 15K. Each set completion spots another light on it. The two far upper left lanes score 3K per lit red (left) target and 3K per lit blue (right) target respectively, so that can be big value; with the usual 2-per-side to start, it’s 12K initially for a ball through both. When multiball ends, simply hit a lit target again to relight your locks. Stand-up targets stay lit once hit for the remainder of the game unless you complete all three; they then reset when your ball drains. Completed and partial drop target banks are also preserved from ball to ball. Center lock saucer when not lit spots a left drop target; lower lock spots a right target. Bonus is built by drop targets and goes up to 29K. Bonus multiplier is advanced by completing a set of drop targets or a lit return or outlane, up to 6X; the 1X, 2X and 3X will light cumulatively for multipliers over 3X. Total bonus can thus reach 174K. Since so much is preserved from ball to ball, getting your stand-up targets lit on ball one is imperative. The more drop target set completions on ball one the better as well since their raised value is preserved. Extra balls should be off, but when on are earned by getting all three colored lanes and then finishing the upper left (white) drop target bank. The PAPA Force II in their gameplay video does not appear to score the blue drop targets properly.

via Bob's Guide

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