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Star Light

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Star Light is a pinball machine manufactured by Williams Electronic Games Inc. in 1984. Design by Barry Oursler. Art by L. Blazek, Tom Schmelzer. Sound by Eugene Jarvis.
Primary manufacturer:
Williams Electronic Games Inc.
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Game type:
Solid State
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Quickie Version:

Hit the STAR targets to light the lock on the right, lock the ball, play multiball. During multiball, UTAD.

Go-to Flipper:


Risk Index:


Full Rules:

Star Light is relatively rare, but a lot of fun to play. Multiball is the winning strategy and is easy to start, but can be hard to maintain at times. Star Light has manual lit-lane change, but uses an extra button above the right flipper for it. On other machines with lane change, one or both flipper buttons do this; here, it’s a separate button positioned where the button for an upper flipper would typically be. The ten numbers for the top lanes correspond to the ten star rollovers in the center of the playfield, as on Laser Ball. Completing all ten, whether by top lane or rollover, lights a “constellation” for 10K in base bonus. Maximum base bonus is 69K (six constellations plus nine leftover stars). The S-T-A-R standup targets at the top right light the small lock saucer on the right. The targets are easily hit from either flipper, since cradled backhand shots go straight up at them. You also get 10K for each completed constellation when you finish STAR. Completing the five LIGHT standup targets, two on the left, three in the center, lights your spinner for 1K per spin; a second LIGHT makes the spinner 2K. Each time you score Light, the value for completing it goes up: 5K, 10K, 30K, 50K, 100K. Getting both STAR and LIGHT holds your bonus. If you earn hold bonus on your last ball, rather than get one additional count of your last-ball bonus, you get a timed extra ball of 10 seconds per constellation and 1 second per star. Bonus multiplier is advanced by hitting whichever of the upper left standup target, lower right standup target and right orbit is lit. Multiplier goes up to 5X for total bonus potential of 345K. Multiball is the strategy here. Once you lock a ball, you plunge the other ball and any switch hit starts multiball. The eject hole itself scores 3K per lit star. During multiball, scores are doubled; go UTAD to get the spinner and more lanes; you’ll get plenty of Light letters and star rollovers by accident. If you have the spinner at 2K from getting Light twice, it’s now 4K per spin in multiball; you can get up to 100K per shot through the spinner then.

via Bob's Guide

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