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Big Trouble in Little China


Big Trouble in Little China may not be as relevant as it once was, but nostalgic fans often mention the 80s action / adventure romp as good inspiration for a pinball machine.

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Big Trouble in Little China Pinball Machine

Big Trouble in Little China Pinball

Why Big Trouble in Little China Would Make for an Awesome Pinball Machine Theme

If you grew up in the 1980s, chances are you remember Big Trouble in Little China. The movie was a huge hit when it was released, and its popularity has only increased in the years since. So, what would it take to turn Big Trouble in Little China into a pinball machine? Let's take a look!

The Movie's Plot Would Make for an Exciting Pinball Game

Big Trouble in Little China is all about Jack Burton, a trucker who finds himself caught up in the middle of a mystical battle taking place in San Francisco's Chinatown. Along the way, Jack teams up with his friend Wang Chi and attempts to rescue Wang's girlfriend, Miao Yin. The movie is packed with action, adventure, and comedy, making it the perfect source material for a pinball machine theme.

The Movie Has a Cult Following That Would Love a Pinball Machine Based on the Film

Since its release, Big Trouble in Little China has developed a cult following. There are still people who watch the movie on a regular basis, and there are even some who dress up as their favorite characters for Halloween. A pinball machine based on the movie would be the perfect way to appeal to these fans.

The Movie Has Some Iconic Characters That Would Be Perfect for a Pinball Machine Theme

Big Trouble in Little China features some truly iconic characters, including Jack Burton himself, Wang Chi, Egg Shen, Lightning, Gracie Law, and many others. These characters would translate perfectly to a pinball machine theme, and they would provide players with plenty of opportunities to score points.

There's no doubt about it: Big Trouble in Little China would make for an excellent pinball machine theme. The movie's plot is exciting and would provide plenty of opportunity for interesting mode play and exciting multiballs. The movie also has a cult following that would love to see a pinball machine based on their favorite film. And last but not least, the movie features some truly iconic characters that would be perfect for a pinball machine theme. So what are you waiting for? Get to work on that Big Trouble in Little China pinball machine!

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