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Devo is an American new wave and synth-pop band that was formed in the mid-1970s. The band is known for its quirky, futuristic approach to music and its use of synthesizers and electronic instruments, as well as for its humorous and often absurdist lyrics and stage costumes.

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Devo Pinball

Devo is an American rock band that formed in Akron, Ohio in 1973. The band's name is short for "de-evolution," a concept that they explore in their music and visuals. What sets Devo apart from other bands of their time is their unique blend of punk rock, new wave, and performance art, as well as their distinctive image and style.

The band's breakout hit, "Whip It" (1980), is a classic and enduring work of new wave music, featuring catchy synth hooks and iconic lyrics. The band's music is known for its social commentary, exploring themes of dehumanization and conformity in modern society. The band's distinctive image, featuring red energy domes and yellow jumpsuits, has also become iconic and has been referenced and imitated in numerous works of popular culture.

Devo's influence on the world of music cannot be overstated. The band's unique blend of music, performance art, and social commentary has inspired numerous imitators and helped to define the sound and style of new wave music. The band's legacy as innovators and iconoclasts remains unchallenged, and their influence on subsequent generations of musicians and artists is as strong as ever.