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One of the most popular 80s films of all time, it's easy to see why fans would like to see it turned into a pinball machine.

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E.T. Pinball Machine

E.T. Pinball

Why E.T. would make for an awesome pinball machine theme

Let's take a walk down memory lane, shall we? It's the early 1980s. You're at the local arcade with your buddies, trying to rack up as many points as possible on your favorite video games. And then, in the corner of the room, you see it: a shining example of '80s pop culture perfection, a brand new pinball machine with a flashy playfield featuring none other than everyone's favorite extra-terrestrial, E.T.!

If only things had actually gone down that way. Instead, we've never been graced with the likes of an E.T. themed pinball machine, despite the film's popularity. We think that should change.

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial was one of the highest-grossing films of all time when it was released in 1982, and its popularity has been sustained in the decades since. So it's no surprise that there would be demand for an E.T.-themed pinball machine. But why would this particular movie make for a good pinball theme? Let's take a look.

E.T.'s story is the perfect fit for a pinball machine theme 

The plot of E.T. is simple but effective: a young boy named Elliott befriends an alien who has been stranded on Earth, and helps him find his way back home before the evil government agents can capture him. Along the way, they have all sorts of adventures and misadventures, learning about each other and their respective worlds.

This story lends itself perfectly to a pinball format because it features all of the classic elements of a good adventure tale: heroes and villains, exotic locations, suspenseful chase scenes. All of these could be brilliantly realized on a pinball playfield, with creative lighting and sound effects and playfield toys adding to the immersion factor. Not to mention that Elliott's best friend in the film is a cute little alien creature—and who doesn't love aliens?—which means there would be plenty of room for whimsicality and fun on this type of machine.

Furthermore, Steven Spielberg's original movie was groundbreaking in its use of special effects, which means that an E.T.-themed pinball machine could feature some truly impressive visuals that would bring the film's atmosphere to life in a whole new way (think a 2.0 versions of the projection system from Stranger Things). And with today's technology, there's really no limit to what could be accomplished with such a theme.

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial is one of those rare movies that appeals to viewers of all ages, thanks to its simple but heartwarming story and lovable characters. That's why an E.T.-themed pinball machine would be sure to be popular with players of all ages—after all, who doesn't love revisiting this classic film? Besides being an excellent choice for movie buffs and '80s nostalgia-seekers alike, an E.T.-themed pinball machine would also offer players a chance to immerse themselves in one of cinema's most beloved adventure stories in a whole new way. So if you're looking for your next dream pinball theme to champion, think about picking up the flag for E.T.!

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