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Godzilla vs Kong


A popular pick for a new pinball machine them, particularly when the last movie was released. May be somewhat dampened by the success of the Godzilla pin, as it'd be strange to see a follow-up in this universe released so soon.

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Godzilla vs Kong Pinball Machine

Godzilla vs Kong Pinball

Why Godzilla vs. Kong Would Make for a Great Pinball Machine Theme

It's official: Godzilla is one of the best selling and best reviewed pinball machines of recent memory. Keith Elwin's last release is a treat to play and is shaping up to have major staying power in fans collections. But as big fans of pinball, we can't help but think about how great a sequel machine would be in the form of a Godzilla vs. Kong pinball machine. Here's why we think it would make for a great theme.

First of all, just think about how cool it would look. A Godzilla vs. Kong pinball machine would feature artwork of the two titans battling it out, with perhaps some destruction of cities in the background. It would be an instant classic, and something that any pinball fan would love to have in their collection.

Of course, the gameplay would be just as important as the visuals. A good Godzilla vs. Kong pinball machine would need to capture the feeling of the movies, which means plenty of action and excitement. Players would need to use all of their skills to take down one or both of the monsters, with bonus points awarded for crazy combos. There would also need to be multiple modes that allow for different styles of play. Perhaps one mode could focus on destruction, while another focuses on rescuing civilians caught in the crossfire. Regardless, it would be a blast to play.

Lastly, a Godzilla vs. Kong pinball machine would be a great opportunity to incorporate some amazing sound effects and music into the game. The thumping soundtrack from the movies would get players pumped up, while sound effects like roaring and smashing would add to the immersive experience. 

Stern's Godzilla pinball is already a certified hit, and we're already dreaming about what follow-up would look like. With its iconic characters, exciting action, and destructible environments, Godzilla vs Kong has everything we could want in a pinball game. Fingers crossed that someone makes our dream a reality!

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