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Indiana Jones


Indiana Jones already has two tables, but fans want to take a mulligan on the last release by Stern, and want to see the classic table remade by Chicago Gaming Company, or a new table made in the universe that lives up to the original.

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    Produced over 10 years ago
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    Stern Pinball
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    Remake/Revisit Candidate
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Indiana Jones Pinball Machine

Indiana Jones Pinball

Even though we've seen two Indiana Jones themed pinball machines within the last 30 years, the pinball community continues to clamor for another edition, mostly as they tend to view Stern's 2008 version of the game as a sub-par effort, not on the same level as the Williams classic from 1993. 

Fans would love to see a new Indiana Jones pinball machine released around the time of the next movie, which is slated to potentially be the last time Harrison Ford dons his classic hat and picks up his trusty whip. Much like Star Wars, Indiana Jones may be an evergreen theme for years and years. 

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