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Nightmare Before Christmas


Pinball community members would love to see a pinball machine based on Tim Burton's cult classic, Nightmare Before Christmas.

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Nightmare Before Christmas Pinball Machine

Nightmare Before Christmas Pinball

Nightmare Before Christmas Pinball Machine? Yes Please!

Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas is a cult classic, and for good reason. The movie is visually stunning, with a unique stop-motion animation style that is unlike anything else out there. It's also got a great story, memorable characters, and some of the catchiest songs you'll ever hear. In short, it's the perfect source material for a pinball machine! Here are just a few reasons why a Nightmare Before Christmas pinball machine would be amazing.

The Visuals Would Be Stunning

One of the things that makes The Nightmare Before Christmas so special is its visuals. The movie is filled with intricate, detailed sets and characters, and a pinball machine based on the film would be able to capture that same magic. Just imagine playing on a pinball machine that features castle ruins, shadowy forests, or the eerie town of Halloween Town. It would be like nothing else out there!

The Music Would Be Fantastic

Another big selling point for a Nightmare Before Christmas pinball machine would be the music. The movie has some of the most catchy and iconic songs in all of film, including "This Is Halloween," "What's This?," and "Sally's Song." Can you imagine how fun it would be to play a pinball machine while listening to those songs? It would be an unforgettable experience!

It Would Be A Unique Addition To Any Collection

There are already quite a few pinball machines based on movies out there. But there sure isn't one based on The Nightmare Before Christmas. That makes it a unique addition to any collection! If you're a fan of the movie—or of pinball machines in general—then this would be one machine you definitely wouldn't want to miss out on.

These are just a few reasons why we think a Nightmare Before Christmas pinball machine would be amazing. If you agree, make sure to let your favorite pinball company know! Who knows, maybe they'll actually make one someday. Either way, we'll be keeping our fingers crossed!

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