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The Spawn rumor mill was in full swing when artist Todd McFarland graced the Stern Pinball booth at Comic-Con San Diego in 2022.

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Spawn Pinball Machine

Spawn Pinball

Spawn Would Make an Awesome Pinball Machine Theme

Hear us out on this one. Yes, Spawn is a dark and gritty character, but that's precisely what makes him perfect for pinball. In a genre where most themes are lighthearted and whimsical, a Spawn-themed pinball machine would be a refreshing change of pace. Plus, with all of the cool special effects and features that could be included, a Spawn pinball machine would be sure to turn heads and attract attention.

Here are just a few of the reasons why we think Spawn would make for an awesome pinball machine theme...

The Artwork Would Be Incredible

Let's face it, the artwork is probably one of the most important aspects of any pinball machine. After all, it's the first thing you see when you approach the machine, and it's what sets the tone for the entire game. With Spawn, there's no shortage of amazing artwork to choose from. In fact, Spawn creator Todd McFarlane is known for his incredible talent as an artist (and casual ties to Stern Pinball). Just imagine all of the possibilities!

There Would Be No shortage of Cool Features

Spawn is jam-packed with the potential for cool features that would translate beautifully to pinball. For example, a mech based on his cape could be used to catch the ball and launch it back into play or to activate special features. His signature weapon, Hellfork, could also be incorporated in some way. And let's not forget about Violator—who wouldn't want to see him make an appearance on the playfield?

It Would Be Unlike Any Other Pinball Machine Out There

In a sea of mundane pinball machines with generic mega franchise themes, a Spawn-themed machine would really stand out. It would be dark, gritty, and different from anything else currently on the market. And who knows? Maybe it would inspire other designers to create more unique and interesting themes for future machines.

We think there's a lot of potential for a Spawn-themed pinball machine. The artwork would be fantastic, there would be no shortage of cool features to incorporate into the game, and it would be unlike any other machine currently on the market. What do you think? Would you play a Spawn-themed pinball machine?

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