About Kineticist

Kineticist is a digital publication and community resource for the pinball and physical gaming communities (like arcade gaming, air hockey, skee-ball, retro gaming, and tabletop gaming).

The site was launched in 2022 by Colin Alsheimer, a lifetime gamer and pinball enthusiast who wanted to bring his skills in technology, marketing and business to the world of pinball and physical gaming after seeing firsthand the power it has to bring people together and be a positive influence.

Kineticist is currently a 100% self-funded effort, backed by a small but growing team of writers and builders. Your support, any way you can provide it, is massively appreciated. And if you're interested in collaborating or talking about the latest pinball news, drop us a line!


At Kineticist, our mission is to bring more people into the pinball and physical gaming space by making it more accessible and welcoming to diverse mainstream audiences. We aim to elevate all sides of the industry, from players and creators to manufacturers and operators, in a way that's fair, approachable, and fun.

The problem (as we see it)

The pinball and physical gaming communities are vibrant (but fragmented), prolific (but economically unsustainable), heavily documented (but not always approachable), and often inaccessible to newbies and underrepresented groups. For all the good presently in the community (and there’s a lot of it), we believe it can be dramatically amplified and improved upon.

Our Approach

We will accomplish this goal by creating creative, engaging, and informative content and resources across a range of topics that new and future players are passionate about. We will also focus on using modern technologies and communications solutions to build tools and platforms that (directly and indirectly) highlights the best the community has to offer.

Our goal is to make it easier for people to learn about pinball and physical gaming, discover their favorite creators, transact with quality businesses (and each other), and to generally come together around their shared passions for this small subsection of gaming.

Core Values

We are inspired by organizations like the New England Pinball League, who promote the sport of pinball and embrace casual play and the social aspects of the game. By operators like Pinball Over Boston who bring their energy, passion, and ability to build community to the scene. By the teams behind Pinball Map, OPDB, and MatchPlay, that build products for the pinball community and accessible tools for other builders and creators. And by the many community organizers that bring the community together in positive, respectful and mutually beneficial ways.

We seek to be:

  • Good ambassadors for the community
  • Positive and fair
  • Passionate
  • Accessible and approachable
  • Innovative
  • Fun
  • Collaborative
  • Supportive
  • Creative
  • Good at business 😉


Our short-term goal is to make Kineticist a viable, self-sustaining business that can support a small, dedicated team of builders and creators with shared goals and values. Our content and distribution platforms are likely the fastest ways to hit these goals.

In the long-term, our goal is to make a measurable positive impact on the pinball and physical gaming community. We will achieve this by building products and services, supporting the building of community infrastructure, helping the next generation discover the physical side of gaming, and providing opportunities for passionate people to build, launch, and grow rewarding careers.