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There are many mysteries in the world, but to add to the list we have already is unwelcome in life, but especially unwelcome in pinball. That is why it was alarming to discover that the design of the sanctum target sign in our new Avengers: Infinity Quest pinball machine was made in such a way that the top two positions on the sign were a mystery because they were almost totally obscured by the Dr. Strange flasher that illuminates the wheel below, and the proclivity of the sign itself to sag forward. Is Extra Ball or Add-a-Ball lit? It cannot be known as the game comes from the factory. An unwelcome and unnecessary mystery had been baked into the game, and I had to fix it.

Thinking about the issues, they were two-fold. First, the top of the sign was obscured and essentially useless. Second, the Dr. Strange flasher was unfocused, spilling light to the surrounding area and even back to the Avengers tower instead of just down onto the sanctum wheel below. As I meditated to focus my mind and solve this problem, the distinct scent of fish wafted into my quarters. I opened one eye to witness Laysah walking by, empty sardine can hanging from her mouth. Dorji had again given her the can to lick when he finished the imported sardines for which he has a definite weakness. Rather than be upset with the foul-smelling interruption to my meditation, I realized that this was indeed the answer to my problem! The shape of the sardine can would make a perfect bezel for the Dr. Strange flasher, and if I put a hole in the bottom, it could contain and direct the light directly down. Using standoffs, I could raise the whole flasher enough to make all the positions on the sign visible! I had been blessed by Dorji’s imported bounty of the sea packed in oil. It was an unexpected bait-scented gift.

And so, before the inspiration left me and Laysah finished licking the can clean, I worked to finalize the design. The sardine can-shaped bezel would have a hole in the bottom, and I would put theme-appropriate mystic symbols on the front, facing the player and also at the front sides. The assembly would be raised up on hex standoffs, covered by a bezel to finish it. And, to fix the saggy plastic that made the sign lean forward, I would make a restraint that slid over the post behind it to pull the sign back and up. Once I had the inspiration provided by Laysah, it all came together so quickly.

The final bit of inspiration came after testing the initial design. I realized that the excess light being constrained and focused from the flasher could be reflected back up to the Dr. Strange plastic, illuminating it. And so, I affixed adhesive-backed reflective material on the inside of the Mystic Bezel and voilà! the Dr. Strange plastic now illuminated when the flasher was lit. I finally had a complete solution!

Now that I have no more questions about whether I have Extra Ball or Add-a-Ball lit on my game, you can solve the mystery for your machine, too. The kit I have made contains the Mystic Bezel, two metal hex standoffs, a trim piece, and a restraint for the sign so it doesn’t lean. Installation time is about thirty minutes using my illustrated instructions, but the improvement lasts a lifetime. Inspirational tin of sardines not included.


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