Godzilla Drake Premium/LE Building Mod

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Each building will have customer airbrushed and hand painted details, so each building will be it's own master piece. On the right side of the building a ufo has crash through it and is embedded in the rubble, this ufo also has an rgb led. The ROOF.... The ROOF ..... The ROOF....IS ON FIRE!!! also the roof incorporates feeding to the left flipper instead of SDM. The left side has a little bit of fire action also. And to top everything off including the top off the building.... a nice lit DRAKE sign..... and we added an Blue Oyster Cult Godzilla concert poster that we made out of a waterslide decal for fun lol

We also will new stickers for the front of the building that have less of that "Blue" tone and more Grey we just need to finalize the material we're looking for.


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