Godzilla Green Godzilla Figurine (NECA 1956)

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A must have for the 2021 Stern Godzilla pinball machine !

For all version (LE/Premium/Pro)

Replace your stern figurine by this one !

Perfect integration in your playfield.

I know that there are already plenty of Godzilla figurines and you won't be short of choices. But I built this mod based on the figurine proposed by NECA from the year 1956. It is rather faithful and has 30 points of articulation. You can position it as you wish. I added two small planes with which Godzilla fights. Its assembly is very easy since we have also made a support so that it integrates as well as possible. She can also spit fire. You choose what you want to put in your pinball machine.

Accessories : 2 small F86 Saber Jet Fighter + 1 Jet of fire Yellow


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