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This is an Interactive Godzilla replacement for the stock Godzilla figure. Thanks to everyone who provided feedback and suggestions during development.


-Detailed Godzilla Figure mounted to a bolt-in clear plastic

-Microcontroller driven movement and lighting

-Head moves from sided to side

-Body moves forward and backward

-Atomic Breath LED


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Godzilla Moves when you do stuff!


Best Mod ever!   Of course Godzilla should move.   The body moves, the head moves, the atomic breath LED follows the bridge!     It triggers when the building moves up and down or when the bridge is damaged during gameplay.   Once you see this, the game will never be the same.

January 18, 2024

Best Godzilla Period!


I cannot express how great a mod this is. The figure looks incredible and the movement draws everyone’s attention every time. Dan is a dream to work with. Easy to paint green if you prefer. Either way, this is a must mod and far more impactful and better looking than the popular Atomic Godzilla.

September 21, 2023
John Peterson