Godzilla Sculpted 2-Piece Mothra Figure Set

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2-Piece Mothra set for Stern Godzilla pinball machines

Replace your flat plastic Mothra with this sculpted & hand painted Mothra.  The colors of this Mothra figure are a much better match for the playfield back panel than the original flat plastic.

Add the pupa stage sculped Mothra to the *Mothra Saves* left outlane.  This painted figure really makes that area pop.

Click on secondary pictures above to view these figures installed in a machine, but pictures do not do this mod justice!

Pupa Stage Mothra measures 4.85" long & 1.17" high.

Adult Mothra measures 5.07" wide & 1.65" high.

Easy installation requires 15 minutes or less, requiring only a screwdriver.


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