James Bond 007 Spectre Target Screen

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While learning the shot combos in Bond, I have become intimately familiar with the SPECTRE targets around the rocket. There is no greater sense of satisfaction than to sweep all the target letters with one glorious, precise shot. After having done it one time, it has become all I wish to do after pressing start. Obsession merely scratches the surface of the depth of my enslavement to perfecting that trick.

However, since I spend so much time focused on that area, it bothers me more and more that the area behind the targets is both unfinished and lit, which makes it somewhat of an eyesore. Calling to mind the proverb, “The only real failure in life is not to be true to the best one knows,” I rather quickly came to the realization that even though Stern could call that area good in its messy, unfinished state, I could not. I knew it could be better. It should be better. And it would.

And so, I set about deciding how to dress the area behind the targets to obscure the wires and lighting without losing the backlighting that was provided to the targets. After some sketches and color tests, I decided that a screen of translucent orange complimented the printed plastic above and was at the same time complementary to the targets in front of it. I put a somewhat random design of holes of various sizes through the screen as it curved around behind the targets and secured the piece at three points where it slips over the top of posts around the target area.

In the end, I was satisfied with the screen that came of my effort. The holes transmitted light, and the transparent orange provided an appealing dim glow behind the targets.  And now, I have made this screen available to you for your Bond pinball machine to finish the area visually so you can concentrate on perfecting that sweep of the SPECTRE targets without distraction. To your success!


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