Medieval Madness Double Headed Dragon

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This mod replaces the original single headed Dragon. The Double Headed dragon is provided with bright colored fiber optic eyes. This newly incorporated fiber optic option makes these dragons standout with an extra flare of realism found no where else. The eyes are illuminated via 6.3v GI of your choice and on flasher action the the dragon’s mouth spits reddish FIRE! (illuminated by red or white LED)

Pictures do the talking… : )  The color of the eyes are a custom choice for you to make and if you don’t see the color option you want in stock email us.

Each dragon gets a mouth flasher which gets connected to the Dragon flasher for an extra dramatic effect! I feel red or white for the mouth color offer the most profound effect. I blue eyes with red mouth LED version in my machine.

The close up image of the head shows how well the eye optics fit into the head proportionally and make the dragon come to life. As you can see they are NOT just drilled in LED’s, which usually won’t fit and not as defined.


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