Medieval Madness Troll Heads

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Our most popular seller, we offer a common but great addition on every Medieval Madness pinball machine; Troll heads with LED eyes. Just by the glowing eyes alone those little fellows seem to come to life! They try to stare you down with their furious burning eyes, which make you want to hit them even harder! Adding this mod to your Medieval Madness machine enhances your Troll experience and quest for Troll Madness.

WHY BUY TROLLS @ PinWize?  We take special care of your Troll friend in the process of creating. Trolls are designed to be integrated into the troll coil and comes ready to soldier or connect via the provided alligator clips. We also add a custom paint job on each Troll head to touch them up and enhance them beyond OEM. The Trolls are also provided with a protective varnish to take a beating.


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