Rick and Morty Whirly Dirly Custom Coaster Ramp Mod

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And awayyyyyy we go!  Climb aboard the "Whirly Dirly" is taking off on another fast paced crazy Spooky adventure!  What a Great high speed game. Just had to have its own roller coaster! A perfect fit add on without modification and fully assembled. Opted to do a mini Funko Rick as it wasn't justified to remake such a mini figure. Hand detailed with colors to blend with the game and fit the animations. Track designed to not obstruct ball or view of the ramp. Fun little add on to give that long ramp some theme love.  Simple and reversible install with instructions included.  Design is also reversible to have the coaster installed forward direction or backwards.  NOTE!!!!  This item NO LONGER comes with the  mini Figure as shown.  You would need to find one locally and install it.  NO FIGURE IS INCLUDED!! Sorry.


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