The Big Lebowski Got Balls Mod

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OK, DP doesn't seem to be making many of these Awesome machines on Shomer Shabbos or Any day for that matter but for the few Very lucky enough to own one or the Miracle that they start rolling again some day The Mod Couple is Proud to introduce TBL"Got Balls" Mod! Not a huge mod and by no means do we take credit for this concept as I had seen this done once before and never seen since. So, we decided to show the Dude some deserved love and Hope it inspires DP to stop pissing on the rug and Start making Machines!! The Mod includes a set of (2) balls in Blue, Green, Purple or Red. Combination will be selected randomly unless specified. Each ball hand detailed with correct Brunswick period imagery and clear coated to keep your balls shiny.... Kit includes removable surgical adhesive so No harm will come to your Lebowski and installation is a snap. Perfect scale fit for the Dude that wants to roll!  We are Honored to be part of your Amazing collections. The Dude Abides!


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