Willy Wonka Custom 3D Illuminated WonkaVator Mod

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It's a Wonkavator!  It can go up, down, sideways, longways.... or it can just light up and look Awesome!  Introducing the Wonka illuminated high detail 3D Wonkavator.  We wanted to keep with the theme and add that special touch of detail to a key part of the film.  Detailed inside and out with controls, seating, and hand painted yet rugged should a Wonka ball get away.  Simple and reversible mounting kit provided for the LE/CE machines so it mounts directly over the existing art image Wonkavator without harming it.  For SE models a base mount kit will also be included so it can be mounted along the clear ramp deflector to give a Much needed detail to that rear playfield corner.  Plug and play design with internal and through top illumination.  Take a ride on the Mod Couple Wonkavator Mod today!


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