Wizard of Oz Corn Stalk Field Rows

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Product Description

The shooter lane is missing a little something, no? Here is our first in a few dress-up mods for this area. Painless install, easily removable. Comes in 6" segments so if you have Toto it will fit behind him and you could fit some or all of another segment past him. No Toto? Then you can fit two segments one after another. Individually hand planted in dirt mounds which simply adhere to your rails. Dirt has texture and height to it to give a more realistic look.

Realistic leaves and stems, no two exactly the same.

Each qty ordered for this product includes one (1) corn stalk row. Order multiple if required for your specific design.

Base Color and Shape

Did you want grassy planting instead of dirt? Or maybe you want the corn stalks to blend right in to the side rails. Now offering grassy mounds and black rectangular bases. Our black rectangular base will match your side rails and will become almost invisible.

The rows mount with magnets which are embedded in the base. A small, thin metal plate is attached to the wood rail on your game. When installed the rows sit flush and nothing is visible. If anything hits them with too much force they can break free of the base to try and prevent them breaking. If you are working on the game in that area and want to remove them for safe keeping this is also a nice feature which prevents you from having to pry up tape each time. If you want to leave them off for a time, that is fine as well because the metal plates are black and very inconspicuous. 


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