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Banzai Run

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Banzai Run is a pinball machine manufactured by Williams Electronic Games Inc. in 1988.Concept by Pat Lawlor. Design by Larry DeMar, Pat Lawlor. Mechanics by John Krutsch. Art by Mark Sprenger. Code by Ed Boon, Larry DeMar. Sound by Brian Schmidt. Music by Brian Schmidt.
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Williams Electronic Games Inc.
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Solid State
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Banzai Run Design Team

Pat Lawlor
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Banzai Run Rules

How to Play Banzai Run

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  • Don’t forget to appreciate the soundtrack.
  • The hill is opened by challenging riders. You can challenge a rider by clearing their bank of targets/set of lanes, and you can also spot lanes/targets by either shooting the center Spot saucer or by shooting the right ramp (before the first multiball).
  • Familiarize yourself with the hill and its weird physics. Navigating it well is crucial for any high-scoring strategy you may be interested in.
  • The big points up top are awarded in the form of Cliff Jumps. Completing A-B-C or hitting the Captive Ball up top will double the value of the cliff jump, which increases each time you score it.
  • The hill closes if you beat all of the riders you’ve challenged. Since you want to keep scoring Cliff Jumps, keep the hill open by deliberately not beating riders.
  • Exception: if you can beat all remaining riders, go for it. Beating all four riders lights multiball, which has a simple sequence:
  • Start multiball by locking a ball on the hill
  • During multiball, lock one ball in the Spot saucer
  • Collect the jackpot at the hill’s captive ball
  • Shoot the ramp repeatedly for Victory Laps

Banzai Run Gameplay Video

Gameplay Discussion & History

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