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Eight Ball Deluxe

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Eight Ball Deluxe is a pinball machine manufactured by Bally Manufacturing Co. in 1981. Design by George Christian. Art by Margaret Hudson. Code by Rehman Merchant.
Primary manufacturer:
Bally Manufacturing Co.
OPDB Group ID:
Remake manufacturer:
Other manufacturer:
Bell Games (Nuova 11)
Game type:
Solid State
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  • This is a bonus game: Advance your bonus as much as possible. Each pool ball you sink (i.e., knock down) is worth 7,000 points in bonus. Collecting all seven lights the 8-ball in the top right; knock it down to complete the rack.
  • All bonus advances carry over for the entire game. Build up your bonus early.
  • Your rack progress is saved from ball to ball - the bank won’t reset for you until you’ve cleared it and hit the 8-ball. This is bad since it means fewer bonus advances are available. Try to clear the bank, and ignore everything else if the 8-ball is ready.
  • Completing A-B-C-D gives you two balls for free (except for the 8-ball) and is a safer way of clearing the bank, although the C-D lanes are usually tough to hit intentionally.
  • After clearing the bank, or if you are struggling with it, you have a few options:
    • Shoot the inline drops for bonus multipliers, which are worth your entire bonus
    • Shoot the saucer behind the 8-ball to collect your un-multiplied bonus, which is also worth your entire bonus
    • Spell D-E-L-U-X-E on the standup targets behind the seven drops, which usually resets the bank of drops (remember, bonus advances are better earlier on)
    • Shoot the far left lane for increasing value, capping at 70,000 points
    • Hit the “Bank Shot” target behind the inline drops, worth 50,000 points and possibly a special (an additional 50,000)

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