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Lectronamo is a pinball machine manufactured by Stern Electronics in 1978. Design by Mike Kubin.
Primary manufacturer:
Stern Electronics
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Game type:
Solid State
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Quickie Version:

Shoot the left side standup target just once to lite the top saucer and side lane above the score bonus chute. Shoot the drop target 3-bank on the right to get to 5X bonus. Then UTAD via the right spinner and left drop target bank. Shoot left side Score Lit Bonus chute when value is 7K or higher and bonus multiplier is 3X or higher.

Go-to Flipper:

Left at first, Right once bonus X raised

Risk Index:

Very High; beware of rebounds from the left standup target draining out the right outlane


The top saucer; will likely require some nudging to fine-tune the bounces off the top side rubbers so the ball lands in it.

Full Rules:

A fun game, though it can be frustratingly drainy at times. This one’s all about building bonus, collecting it during the ball, and rebuilding it as many times as you can. Base bonus is built up via the top saucer, the spinner (every four spins), the left chute and the mid-game slingshots; value goes up to 19K. The most important thing to do to build base bonus is hit that left standup target right away. This increases how many bonus advances the top saucer and upper left rollover (above the collect bonus chute) score from 1 to 3, plus raising the value of each to 5000. Getting base bonus to 10K lights the spinner for 1K per spin as well. This stays on for the rest of the ball even after you collect bonus in the chute. Complete the right drop target 3-bank to raise your bonus multiplier. You can often get two targets in one shot since the ball is coming at them at a sharp angle, so it’s frequently just two well-aimed shots to finish the bank, or six shots total to get to 5X. Random bounces, including off the lower two bumpers, can get you a target, too. Completing the drop target banks also gives decent value – 6K for the 3-bank, 10K for the 5-bank. The left return lane will light for 9000 when you hit the rollover button in the horseshoe behind the spinner. Not all horseshoe shots will roll over the button; the ball can bank off the walls of the curve. Only smooth shots along the arc will score the button. The return lane value resets once collected and must be relit with another button shot. The return lanes are quite shatzable, and this is a good machine for learning and using the technique. The space above the flipper elbows is wider than on most games, making the shots easier and less risky; you can miss a perfect shot and still succeed with a good-enough shot. The situation where it’s most beneficial to shatz is when the ball is cradled on the right flipper: if you shatz to the left and the return is lit for 9000, you get that; even if it’s not lit, it sets up a shot with the left flipper to hit the drop target three-bank on the right to advance your bonus multiplier. Strategy on bonus collection: since the base bonus resets when collected but the multiplier does not, you want to wait until you have at least 3X to collect bonus. There’s a good chance you’ll collect it before then due to random ball bounces, but don’t actively shoot for it sooner than that. If you have 5X bonus lit and the top saucer and lane lit for 5K each, go for that chute all day. Unlike many solid state games, I’ve never seen nor heard of Lectronomo being rolled in a tournament. I’ve come close (961K), but that’s the best I know of. If you score 500K on it, you’re all but certain to win your game. 300K will win most of the time; an “average” score is in the low to mid 100’s. Look to see if the side posts above the outlanes have been moved upward from their original positions. If so, the game will play tougher and the scores may be lower.

via Bob's Guide

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