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Nugent is a pinball machine manufactured by Stern Electronics in 1978. Design by Mike Kubin.
Primary manufacturer:
Stern Electronics
OPDB Group ID:
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Other manufacturer:
Game type:
Solid State
Display type:
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Quickie Version:

UTAD via shots just outside the bumpers and the spinner.

Go-to Flipper:


Risk Index:

High; the left orbit and right spinner are safest shots; be careful when using the upper right flipper!


Hit the small rollover button at the top of the game to raise the value of the top two side lanes from 3K to 9K, then try to get the ball to go into the right now-lit lane. After going through the lane, the ball should trigger the right bumper; try to get the rebound off the bumper to hit one or more of the drop targets at the upper right.

Full Rules:

Bonus is built up by the return lanes, outlanes, spinner, small slingshots below the upper flipper and the left drop targets, the rollover button within the left shot up top and the standup target below the left top lane. Base bonus goes up to 19K. The standup target raises the value of the return lanes from 500 and one advance to 5000 and three advances, so it’s good to hit it early. Bonus multiplier is raised by completing the top drop target 3-bank: 2X, 3X, 5X. Strategy is UTAD to build, collect and rebuild bonus. Ignore the far outside left shot; shoot just outside the bumpers, i.e. at the right 3-bank and towards the collect saucer, and through the spinner on the right. A shot at the collect saucer will often rebound off the rubber below it into the standup target that lights the return lanes. The collect bonus saucer at the upper left is always active; bonus resets when collected but your multiplier remains for the rest of the ball in play. Once you have a good multiplier, try to collect bonus as often as you can. You can’t shoot it directly; having the ball bounce into it off the left bumper is your best bet. Flip the ball towards the saucer through the gap below it and nudge a lot. You can also get it in the saucer via a bank shot off the top right 3-bank. You can get the ball back in the plunger lane by holding the upper right flipper up and shooting the ball under it from the left flipper. It’s not worth the bother. Don’t shoot with that flipper, either; shots from it tend to hit the left drop targets which do little for your score, and the rebounds from those can drain. Just pretend that flipper’s not even there. Check to see if the standard center post on the game is present and has rubber on it before you begin play. Without it, or with no rubber, center drains become more common.

via Bob's Guide

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