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Pinball Pool

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Pinball Pool is a pinball machine manufactured by D. Gottlieb & Co. in 1979. Design by Ed Krynski. Art by Gordon Morison.
Primary manufacturer:
D. Gottlieb & Co.
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Game type:
Solid State
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Quickie Version:

Make three saucer shots, then knock down all the drop targets. Shoot a saucer again to collect bonus and reset the targets. Repeat targets and saucer bonus collect.

Go-to Flipper:


Risk Index:

Very High


Largely irrelevant! The top lanes are of little value, so you just want whatever area has the ball come down with the lowest chance of draining. Depending on how the balls roll through the B off the center divider or through A or C into the bumpers, vs. missing all three lanes, you won’t know what you want until you play or watch others.

Full Rules:

The game has unusual drop targets: its normal setting is for hitting a target on one side to also score and drop its counterpart on the opposite side. This can be adjusted so that you only get the targets you hit; ask ahead or watch before you play. You must finish all 15 pool balls – 14 drop targets plus the center captive ball – to light the saucers for score bonus. But make four saucer shots first to get your bonus multiplier maxed out at 5X; it goes up one level per shot. Bonus is 1K per pool ball, thus 15K for a complete rack, times your multiplier for up to 75K. Bonus resets to zero when collected but the multiplier is preserved for the rest of the ball in play. Note on bonus X: the saucer awards your bonus X increase before it awards your collect bonus if lit, so you can have the saucer at 4X and still get max bonus of 75K if you’ve completed the rack when you shoot it. That’s all plus the 5000 base value of the saucer. Side drains also score 5K and advance your bonus X (if not already at 5X) so that can be worth an extra 20K vs. a center drain with a complete rack. A-B-C just lights extra ball, usually turned off, so ignore these. Key feeds: the kickouts from the two saucers.

via Bob's Guide

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