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The Incredible Hulk

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The Incredible Hulk is a pinball machine manufactured by D. Gottlieb & Co. in 1979. Design by Ed Krynski. Art by Gordon Morison.
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D. Gottlieb & Co.
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Solid State
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The Incredible Hulk Rules

Quickie Version:

Up Top until you have the 5X bonus multiplier and base bonus at 20K, then nudge for either collect bonus chute [“A” or “B”]. Repeat. If Extra Balls are enabled, shoot the 1-2-3 targets to light the middle right lane, shoot it to collect your EB.

Go-to Flipper:


Risk Index:

Very High; nudge-wise, pay close attention to balls that go towards the two chutes but might not settle cleanly into them. If they rattle out, they can center drain.


Make the lit bonus multiplier advance lane at the top. Harder than it looks, and any plunges will fail to go in any lane, rattling off to either side.

Full Rules:

This is a squirrelly type of UTAD game, with bonus being your best means of scoring well. You want to throw the ball up top until you can manage to get it into the 5X lane [the right-hand one at the top] when that lane is lit, but both getting the ball up there and nudging it into that or any other lit lane isn’t that simple. Shots from the right flipper through the spinner may be rejected at times by the rubber pad above it, or typically go up at such a speed that they tend to fall down outside the four lanes. Shots from the left flipper need to be bank shots off the upper right green targets, not all of which will go all the way up, either. Even if you get the ball over the lanes, it’s tricky to nudge it into the lit one. Which lane at the top is lot to activate a bonus multiplier changes with 10 point switch hits, e.g. slingshot. Unlike most games, this machine will award you whichever level of multiplier is lit when you go through that lane when lit. You don’t have to get the 2X before getting 5X, if the 5X is lit when you plunge and you hit it, that’s 5X right away. What getting 2X, 3X etc. do is limit which of the remaining lanes can be lit, i.e. once you have 2X, the cycle only alternates between 3X, 4x and 5X Once you have your bonus at 5X, you want to get your base bonus up to 20K. In practice, there’s a decent chance you’ll get to 20K first, if your ball survives that long. In any event, just keep going UTAD until it’s there, then nudge to collect. Unlike most games with a collect bonus feature, this one is not directly shootable from either flipper. You can only get it by luck or nudging via having the ball fall into either of the chutes just above the flippers. I find your best bet is to shoot the spinner; a shot that doesn’t make it all the way up top will often dribble back through the spinner and fall into the A chute for your collect. Hitting the 1, 2 and 3 standup targets lights both the spinner on the left for 1000 and the lane at the middle right for an extra ball [if enabled]. It’s possible to shoot the ball up it from the bottom of the EB lane, but most of the time you see it collected, it’s via nudging it to enter from above. The top right drop targets add bonus, but I shoot them mainly to try to get the ball to the top lanes. Once at 5X, they’re useful for adding bonus, nothing else. Ball control on Hulk is unique, due to the tiny rubbers on the center sides of the chutes; these are not high-power slingshots, just rubbers, so rebounds off of them are more deflections than kicks. The outlane angles are rude, too, since the inlane-outlane divider is about an inch lower than the entry point. This means most balls that enter cleanly are doomed to the outlane; it’s gotta bounce around a bit to go into the return lane. Key feeds: out of the middle right lane [should go to left flipper], and out of the spinner [into the A, but when it doesn’t go in cleanly, nudge to avoid a rattling-out center drain].

via Bob's Guide

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