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One of the most iconic video game characters of all time, people would love to see an updated Mario themed machine from a modern pinball manufacturer.

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About Mario Pinball

Why Mario Would Make a Great Pinball Theme 

Sure, there have been plenty of pinball games with popular culture themes. But when was the last time someone did a Mario pinball game? It's been over 25 years! In that time, the little Italian plumber has starred in dozens of video games across multiple platforms, cementing his status as a gaming icon. So why not give Mario the pinball treatment? Here are a few reasons why we think a Mario-themed pinball game would be great.

1. There's Plenty of Material to Work With 

One of the great things about the Mario franchise is that there's a ton of material to draw from. Whether it's iconic locations like Bowser's Castle or Peach's Castle, memorable characters like Yoshi and Toad, or elements from the many gadgets and power-ups Mario has used over the years, there's no shortage of ideas for what could be included in a Mario pinball machine. 

2. It Would Be Really Fun 

Let's face it: playing pinball is supposed to be fun. And what's more fun than running around as Mario, bouncing off enemies' heads and smashing bricks with your fists? A Mario pinball machine would capture all the joy and excitement of the video games and distill it into one cabinet-sized package. Who wouldn't want to play that? 

3. It Would Appeal to All Ages 

While some pinball machines might be geared towards older players who grew up playing classic arcade games, a Mario-themed machine would have mass appeal thanks to the evergreen popularity of the character. You don't have to be a millennial or Gen Xer to enjoy bouncing around as everyone's favorite Italian plumber. 

So there you have it! Three perfectly good reasons why a Mario-themed pinball machine would not only be viable, but really fun too. Here's hoping that someone out there in the wide world of pinball is listening.

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