The Misfits

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The Misfits are an American punk rock band formed in New Jersey in 1977. The band's music is known for its horror and sci-fi themes, as well as its fast-paced, aggressive sound.

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The Misfits Pinball

The Misfits, a punk rock band formed in Lodi, New Jersey, in 1977, is a group whose influence far exceeds what their initial short run might suggest. Founded by Glenn Danzig, the band is known for their fusion of punk rock, horror film themes, and provocative lyrics. The Misfits brought a unique blend of aggression and theatricality to the music scene, creating a style that would later be coined as horror punk.

The cultural impact of the Misfits is significant, particularly in the punk and heavy metal scenes. Their music was far from mainstream during their original run from 1977-1983, but their sound, characterized by fast, power-chord-driven songs and Danzig's distinctive baritone voice, made an indelible mark. It influenced a myriad of bands, from Metallica and Guns N' Roses to My Chemical Romance, who've cited the Misfits as a key influence on their work.

Visually, the Misfits are also instantly recognizable. Their logo, known as the Crimson Ghost or the Fiend Skull, has become a ubiquitous symbol in punk culture, adorning countless T-shirts, patches, and other memorabilia. Even decades after their formation, the Misfits continue to inspire bands and resonate with fans who identify with their unique blend of punk energy, dark lyricism, and outsider ethos. They may have started as misfits in the music industry, but they've since become punk royalty, shaping the genre in ways few could have anticipated.