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The Muppets

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While their cultural relevance may be declining, that doesn't stop pinball fans from speculating about a Muppets themed pin at some point in the future.

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About The Muppets Pinball

Why the Muppets Would Make for a Great Pinball Machine Theme

The Muppets have been a staple of American pop culture for over 50 years. They've starred in movies, TV shows, and even commercials and countless internet memes. But there's one thing they haven't done yet: powered a pinball machine. Here's why the Muppets would make for a great pinball machine theme.

The Muppets Have Universal Appeal

One of the best things about the Muppets is that they have wide appeal. No matter what your age or demographic, chances are you know at least one of the Muppet characters. And who doesn't love Kermit, Miss Piggy, or Gonzo? A pinball machine with a Muppet theme would be sure to please players of all ages.

The Muppets Have a Rich History

Another reason why the Muppets would make for a great pinball machine theme is that they have a rich history. The original Muppet Show debuted on TV in 1976 and since then, there have been countless movies, TV shows, and merchandising deals featuring the beloved characters. That wealth of history provides plenty of material to draw from when designing a pinball machine. For example, the machine could include references to classic Muppet skits or iconic moments from the movies. 

The Muppets are Funny! 

Last but not least, the Muppets are funny! And what's more important for a pinball machine than being entertaining? A Muppet-themed pinball machine would be filled with humor, wit, and all the zaniness that we've come to expect from our favorite felt friends. Plus, it would be a welcome departure from some of the more serious themes we often see in pinball machines (think Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones). 

There's no denying it: the Muppets would make for an excellent pinball machine theme. They have universal appeal, a rich history, and are downright hilarious. So let's hope that some day soon we'll be able to play a game of pinball featuring our favorite felt friends!

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