For Amusement Only Games Announces Drained Pinball! Deep Dive!

For Amusement Only Games Announces Drained Pinball! Deep Dive!
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For Amusement Only Games Announces Drained Pinball! Deep Dive!
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For Amusement Only Games Announces Drained Pinball! Deep Dive!
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November 21, 2022
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November 21, 2022
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The first third-party playfield module for Multimorphic’s P3 Pinball Platform, designed, developed, and produced by For Amusement Only Games, LLC – Including full cabinet art package, cabinet magnetic artwork, slingshot plastics, side target covers, and magnetic apron to transform your P3 into the world of Drained.  Speaker panel artwork is not included in this package.


Drained Cabinet
Drained Module
Drained Module

Who’s Who

Third-party designer and developer Nick Baldridge from For Amusement Only Games, LLC handled game design, sound design, art direction, and programming.

  • Molly Baldridge, first time pinball artist, produced all physical and artwork for the game.
  • Charles Wolf of Charles Wolf Music, first time pinball composer, wrote all music sound effects  within Drained.
  • Anthony Swan, CAD
  • Coleman Martin, CNC

Price and Production

Price: $3,500

Available now! For purchase instructions, please see:

*Note that the P3 pinball platform is required to play Drained.


  • 15 vampires to battle.
  • 26 RGB LEDs playfield module, with 7 single-color LEDs.
  • 7 target sequences, with separate rewards.
  • 2 upper slingshots, angled towards the S-T-A-K-E-S and G-A-R-L-I-C sequences
  • Beautiful original pen-and-ink art style.
  • 6 Mirrored drop targets
  • 54 unique songs and 75 unique sound effects, composed specifically for the game.
  • 17 characters with over 1300 callouts.
  • 2 flippers
  • 1 Howling wolf pop bumper
  • 2 orbit shots
  • 17 high score categories
  • 9 unique Stream-connect commands, which allow stream viewers to interact with the game.
  • 1 Gobble hole
  • Cabinet and speaker panel light show integration.
  • The first third-party game kit for the Multimorphic P3 pinball platform.
  • Over a dozen Easter Eggs to discover.

Platform Features

  • Profile support, with most game settings available on a per-profile basis.
  • Bluetooth headphone/speaker support.
  • Wi-Fi updates.
Drained Backbox
Drained Backbox

Rules & Code

NOTE: Subject to change.

Two friends walk through a park, when they stumble upon a castle!  Upon a dais, a coffin rests, with a vampire inside! Now, switch between these two friends and eradicate the vampiric menace… before they eradicate you!

At the start of each ball, you’ll be presented with an introduction for the vampire whose castle you find yourself in. This intro contains a unique light show, music, and animated background shown on both the backbox and playfield monitors.

Upon launching the ball, the music will change, and the castle interior specific to that vampire will be revealed.

There are seven different sequences around the playfield. Six of these sequences are tools that you can use to damage the vampire. Your progress towards completion of the sequences are tracked using on-screen inserts (one per target) as well as the RGB inserts on the playfield module. These inserts remain lit until the sequence is complete. The apron score display and backbox will also display a multiplier for each completion.

Completing G-A-R-L-I-C on the left will award a spotted target in any of the sequences (except for Slay/Vamp). 1 completion of this sequence is needed to have enough garlic to automatically injure the vampire when the vampire is awakened. Hitting a target that hasn’t previously been hit in the sequence awards 400 points, otherwise, 200 points. Each completion of the sequence adds 1,000 points to your bonus.

Completing M-I-R-R-O-R by knocking down the left and right sets of drop targets will award 500 points for initial hits, 300 for any additional before completing the sequence. Each completion of the sequence adds 500 points to your bonus. A trick of the geometry allows for the left or right side to be swept all at once. If sweeping the targets, an extra award of 50,000 points is given. 3 completions of this sequence will automatically injure the vampire when awakened.

The Holy Water sequence will increase your bonus multiplier. The maximum bonus multiplier can be set in the operator settings or per user profile. Hitting a target that has not been previously hit in the sequence awards 2,000 points, 1,000 points if the target has been previously hit without completing the sequence. Each completion of Holy Water will grant another 5,000 points to your bonus. 2 sequence completions are needed to injure the vampire when awakened.

If you complete S-T-A-K-E-S, once per ball, a second ball will be launched into play.  Additional completions of STAKES will not launch another ball. Unlit targets award 400 points, while lit targets will award 200 points. Completing STAKES gives 1,000 points towards your bonus. 1 completion is needed to injure the vampire upon awakening.

The central target bank also has 3 sequences. These sequences alternate left and right sides.

Flaming-Torch will award 200 points if unlit, 100 if lit.  Each completion adds 200 points of bonus. 5 torches are needed to injure the vampire when it awakes.

Silver-Sword will award 300 points if unlit, and 100 points if lit. Completing the Silver Sword sequence gives 200 points of bonus. 4 completions are required to injure the vampire when it is awakened.

Each of the above sequences has a dedicated high score table, and completing any sequence will ring the bell, resetting the sequence for another round.

Completing all sequences will award an extra 5,000 points in bonus. This can be stacked and increased even after the vampire battle begins.

Upon launch, the Slay and Vamp targets will be flashing in red. Flashing targets will award 500 and unlit targets 100.  Completing that sequence at any time will awaken the current vampire. When the vampire awakens, the lids of the coffin will open (and the knocker will thwack).

During the vampire battle

Each of the 15 vampires in Drained has their own sequence of shots to complete in order to stun the vampire. Shots in the vampire mode can be spotted by starting the battle after acquiring the correct number of sequence completions (up to six). The coffin lids will move up and down on a timer. While the coffin lid is up, a ball sneaking into the side of the scoop will spot a shot in the vampire sequence. The flashing shots give 1,000 points while flashing, and 100 points when lit solidly. Completing all flashing shots while the vampire is awake will stun the vampire, award 5,000 points, and force the coffin lids to remain down. Each correct shot will fire a knock and let more light onto the playfield. When the vampire is stunned, the lights will be at full power.

Cape Shots

Oblong targets on the extreme left and right side of the module are the underside of the vampire’s cape (and thus “Cape Shots”). These shots are worth 100 points, unless part of an advancing combo.


Starting with the A in GARLIC, a series of 6 shots will be highlighted with chase lamps, alternating right, left, right, left, right. The next combo in the sequence will be highlighted with a flashing green light.

Alternatively, a second combo can be started with the K in STAKES. A series of 6 shots will be highlighted with chase lamps alternating left, right, left, right, left. The next combo in the sequence will be highlighted with a flashing purple light. Combos are the only part of the game that requires hitting the Cape Shots.

The second shot in a combo sequence scores 1,000 points, third shot scores 3,000 points, fourth 6,000, fifth 10,000 points, and the final shot scores 30,000 points and adds 500 per combo completed to your bonus.

Gobble Behavior

Drained Playfield

Hitting the gobble hole at any time while the vampire is awake will slay the vampire, the player earns an immediate 10,000 points (multiplied by the number of vampires slain), and the last digit of the score will increment by one point. After a small celebration, the vampire kills your character as its final act.    

If the gobble is hit before the vampire is stunned, the bonus will be 7,500 multiplied by the number of vampires killed in this fashion. If the vampire is stunned before hitting the gobble, the bonus will be 10,000 multiplied by the number of vampires slain after stunning.  No matter how the vampire is slain, there will be a bonus of 5,000 points multiplied by the number of vampires killed before and after completing their modes.

The gobble hole, outside of a vampire battle, can operate in one of two fashions. By default, it will end your ball as if you drained, and feed a dedicated high score table. There is an operator/per profile setting that will cause a ball to relaunch if the gobble is hit, in which case the aforementioned high score table will not be used.  This behavior only applies prior to a vampire battle. There is not a way to retain your ball after slaying a vampire.

Gobble holes are a unique way for a player to interact with the playfield – choosing the appropriate time to end their ball in play for the largest reward. Drained encourages skilled play of the entire playfield before you choose to shoot the gobble hole.


The lower slingshots have a moving insert – the currently indicated slingshot on the lower playfield will show the character providing the voice callouts. It will also award 1000 points and move the insert to the unlit sling’s side (and change the currently selected character). Hitting the unlit side will also move the insert, and award 100 points. Hits to the upper or lower slings will perform the same way. Hits to the pop will change the lit sling as well.

Pop Bumper

Drained Pop Bumper

The pop bumper can be hit in certain modes to stun the vampire or can be hit 5 times to increase the playfield multiplier. The multipliers can be limited on a per-machine or per-profile basis.


Shots from the right to left and left to right can be tracked and counted separately. Only shots that fall within a certain (small) window will count towards the orbits. Each orbit shot will give 200 points, and add towards the high score table over the course of the entire game.

Side Targets

The side targets, labeled SPOT and LITE, are flashing until hit. Spelling SPOT-LITE will award a random target. Completing SPOT will send a randomly placed on-screen rat horde running across the screen from left to right. While completing LITE will send a cluster of spiders skittering from right to left. Hitting either of these sets of on-screen targets will give 100 points. Flashing side targets award 200 points, while lit targets award 100 points. Both the rats and spiders have dedicated high score tables, and give 100 points each towards the end-of-ball bonus. The side target actions can be disabled in the operator or user profile settings.

Alley Pass Targets

Rolling through either inlane will start a moon animation in the opposite inlane.  Alley passing to hit these on-screen targets will award 800 points.  There is a high score table that tracks moon hits.

Hurry-Up Targets

Every so often, a bat will appear in one of three positions on the upper screen.  Rolling over this bat will give 500 points, and 100 points at the end-of-ball bonus each.


Rollover lanes spell the word S-P-O-T.  Completing this word will spot a random target in one of the six main tool sequences.  Lane spotting can be disabled in the operator or user profile settings.

Some Stream-Connect Command Examples

  • Bat – starts an immediate hurry up
  • Spot – spots a random target in any of the 6 main sequences
  • Removetilt – resets the tilt warnings accrued
  • Addtilt – adds a tilt warning, or tilts the player if they are at the warning threshold

Additional Media

Join the hunt on your Multimorphic P3 Pinball Platform!

More Information:

For those that might be interested in working with Multimorphic as a 3rd party developer, they offer a free SDK on their website at and the tools to get started are also all free, and do not require a physical machine.

To learn more about For Amusement Only Games, please visit