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Elton John

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Elton John is a pinball game manufactured by Jersey Jack Pinball in 2023. Design by Steve Ritchie, Mark Seiden. Mechanics by Dan Molter, Chris Talko, Nick Jensen, Ernesto Velazquez, Dan Lachcik, Tony Tumminaro, Eric Miller, Ashley Peterson. Art by Christopher Franchi, John Youssi, Jean-Paul de Win. Code by Bill Grupp, Joe Katz, Duncan Brown, Ted Estes, Jason Allen, Taylor Snyder. Sound by Pierce Colbert. Animation by Olaf Gremie, Mark Molitor, Jean-Paul de Win.
Primary manufacturer:
Jersey Jack Pinball
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Elton John, Elton John (CE)

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Solid State
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Time the first plunge of each ball to select a skill shot award from any of the five above the plunger. 

The songs are your modes on this machine, and one can be selected at the start of each ball. 

Each song has three goals to achieve, each corresponding to Elton's wardrobe selections for the song. Collect all three wardrobe items for victory laps. 

Shoot the drop targets in front of the Rocka-Box jukebox to collect albums and start one of five feature modes that boost scoring at certain playfield areas. Champ Multiball can be started after playing all five.

There are three multiball modes available: 

  • Crocodile Rock multiball is started by locking balls at the crocodile ramp. 
  • Rocket Man multiball can be started at the far right "rocket" lane by collecting fuel, either by completing tasks or shooting the drop target in front of the rocket lane.
  • Signature Stage multiball can be started by spelling ELTON JOHN by collecting stars, then shooting the piano ramp to lock balls. There are four different Signature Stage multiballs that can be switched using the action button. 

All tasks in the game - completing songs, playing multiballs, and doing well during feature modes - help contribute to "milestones". Collect all four milestones to qualify the Final Tour wizard mode.

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