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Lucky Seven

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Lucky Seven is a pinball machine manufactured by Williams Electronic Games Inc. in 1977. Design by Chris Otis. Art by Christian Marche. Code by Ron Crouse.
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Williams Electronic Games Inc.
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Solid State
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Lucky Seven Rules

Quickie Version:

Up top through the almost-useless spinner to advance bonus and change the reels. When reel value is high, shoot the drop targets to collect it.

Go-to Flipper:

Bias Left

Risk Index:


Full Rules:

Bonus is advanced 3000 at a time by the four top lanes, two return lanes and upper left standup target. Bonus goes up to 30K, so you only need 10 advances to max it out. Bonus can be doubled to 60K. The game’s primary scoring, other than bonus, is based on the current “reel value” like on Williams’ Jackpot from 1971. The symbols on the three reels change when you score the corresponding color-aligned top lanes or center standup targets. You collect the reel value by completing the two drop targets on the sides of the game. To double your bonus, you need exactly one or two clovers among the three symbols. One clover scores 5K; 2 clovers earns 10K; 3 clovers 20K and an extra ball if enabled; three horseshoes is 20K; three diamonds or three sevens is 30K. Other combinations of symbols score nothing other than the 1000 for hitting each drop target. Either of the return lanes will light the spinner, but even lit it’s only worth 100. Strategy is to shoot the drop targets whenever the reel value is 20K or 30K, otherwise go up top to build bonus. Once your bonus is high enough, shoot the reel targets when the double bonus light is on. If you need to change exactly one reel to get to a desired combination, shoot the necessary center standup target. Otherwise, avoid those targets since rebounds off them or misses risk draining. If you’ve maxed and doubled your bonus, it’s spinner to the top all day except when that reel value is 20K or 30K.

via Bob's Guide

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