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Spider-Man is a pinball game manufactured by Stern Pinball Inc. in 2007. Concept by Steve Ritchie, Lyman F. Sheats Jr.. Design by Steve Ritchie. Mechanics by John Rotharmel. Art by Kevin O'Connor, Mark Galvez, Margaret Hudson. Code by Lyman F. Sheats Jr.. Sound by David Thiel. Music by David Thiel. Animation by Mark Galvez.
Primary manufacturer:
Stern Pinball Inc.
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Spider-Man, Spider-Man (Black Suited LE), Spider-Man (Vault Edition)

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Solid State
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Steve Ritchie, Lyman F. Sheats Jr.
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  • Shooting all flashing white arrows lights a mode (started at either orbit), and also lights a shot multiplier - whatever major shot you hit next will be doubled for the rest of the ball.
  • The best shots to multiply are the left orbit/spinner, side ramp, and Doc Ock. They’re all good regardless of what else you have going on.
  • Finishing a mode lights a shot tripler which should be put on whatever of those three isn’t already doubled.
  • Four villains are around the table. Hit them a bunch to start “villain modes,” where you just wail on them for solid points. You can start villain modes anytime, which are worth considerable value.
  • Black Suit multiball has locks lit by hitting the “Light Lock” target next to the spinner, with locks collected on the loops. Black Suit is not worth very much; shoot for villains instead.
  • Doc Ock’s villain modes are all multiballs. Shoot him a bunch to start a multiball, which is likely more valuable than Black Suit.
  • Multiball prevents you from lighting modes/multipliers. Try to light those before you start a multiball since having a multiplied shot is more important than playing any multiball. Keep in mind what shots you’re missing - be careful you don’t accidentally force yourself into a multiball when you just want to light a mode.
  • Beating every villain twice lights Battle Royale, a lucrative multiball where you need to hit the villains for points and collect a super jackpot at the right ramp. Make sure you have the right ramp multiplied if you’re close!
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