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Straight Flush

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Straight Flush is a pinball machine manufactured by D. Gottlieb & Co. in 1957.Concept by Wayne Neyens. Design by Wayne Neyens. Mechanics by Wayne Neyens. Art by Roy Parker. Animation by Wayne Neyens.
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D. Gottlieb & Co.
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Wayne Neyens
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Quickie Version:

Left orbit all day

Go-to Flipper:


Risk Index:


Shots to Master:

Left Orbit


Get any lit lane at the top; the harder ones are to the left, so try to get those first.

Full Rules:

On Straight Flush, the goal is to collect all five cards. Each has a lane at the top, but they can also be scored via the center saucer. You get 100,000 [or an extra ball, depending on settings] for the set of five. You also get 100K for scoring all three jokers via the center saucer, and 100K for the left orbit when lit for Special. Each top lane or card lights the bumper below it. On the right side are Up Post and Down Post standup targets, which raise and lower the center ball-save post. Like many other games with center posts, you can let the ball settle between either flipper and the post when it’s up, then use soft flips to set up shots. The center saucer scores the card indicated by the pointed arrow below it. The arrow moves one position clockwise whenever you hit either of the two Advance standup targets near the top or go over either advance rollover button. The arrow does not advance when you score the saucer. You also score the arrowed card when the ball goes through the “spot card + 5000” lane on the left. The Ace lights the left outlane for 5K, the ten lights the right outlane; no big deal. Since the left orbit shot scores 10,000 even when not lit, that’s your go-to shot all day. Lighting it for Special is pseudo-random; it goes on and off based on 100’s digit of your score, apparently lit for two digits out of the ten. You may find that shots up top via the left orbit tend to bounce into one or two of the card lanes more often than the others. If so, skew your plunges to get the other cards. Don’t worry about the center saucer; the ball will wander into it periodically after bouncing around in the bumpers. Treat getting cards or jokers from the saucer as a fringe benefit but not a goal. The kickout from it should go cleanly to the left flipper.

via Bob's Guide

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