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Supersonic is a pinball machine manufactured by Zaccaria in 1977. Art by Lorenzo Rimondini.
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Quickie Version:

Open the outlane gate by making the top center lane, then shoot the spinner until your bonus is near maximum. If by then you haven’t got 5X bonus, shoot the saucer, then spinner all day.

Go-to Flipper:


Risk Index:

High; see Key Feeds


Center lane, to open the gate and light the spinner.

Full Rules:

This game is largely UTAD through the spinner from the left flipper, except for shooting the multiplier saucer if the ball won’t drop into it for you when caroming around in the bumpers. When the ball does go in the saucer, try to live catch the kick out from it to repeat the shot and get it to 5X in two or three quick flips. From the right flipper, tap pass to the left flipper if you can. If not, shoot the drop targets to score a few points and put the ball back up in the bumpers where it might go into the multiplier saucer or pop up one of the five top lanes. If the feed from the left “jet stream” chute is good, e.g. it lands on the right flipper and safely dead bounces to the left flipper where you’d prefer to have it, shoot that instead. Base bonus goes up to 29K, so with 5X, your overall max bonus is 145K. In a good game, a high portion of your points will come from lit spinner shots and near-max bonuses. Completing the 1-5 lanes is mildly useful, making other stuff advance bonus and scoring 25K once you’ve done it enough, but don’t worry about it. Given a choice of having the ball go through a lit #2 to open the gate or through some other number to complete 1 through 5, take #2 for the gate. Ignore the four stand-up targets and five central rollover buttons. If the spinner is really juicy, ignore shooting at the bonus multiplier saucer and just go spinner all day. Key feeds: the saucer kickout; out of the chute on the left; and shots that don’t go all the way to the top through the spinner but fall back.

via Bob's Guide

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