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Doctor Strange


Given the popularity of the Marvel character Doctor Strange, it's no surprise to see pinball fans requested a dedicated Doctor Strange machine.

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Doctor Strange Pinball Machine

Doctor Strange Pinball

Why Doctor Strange Would Make for a Great Pinball Machine Theme

As a lifelong pinball fan, I've often wondered what it would be like to see some of my favorite pop culture icons get their machines. Some popular pinball machines have been based on classic franchises like The Addams Family and Star Wars. But what about newer properties? I think it's about time we got a dedicated Doctor Strange machine (not just a feature on an Avengers table). I think the Sorcerer Supreme would make for a great pinball theme.

Doctor Strange is all about sorcerers battling otherworldly forces, which makes for some great gameplay possibilities.

The game could start with Doctor Strange casting spells to repel an attacking horde of demons, evil spirits, or other creatures he regularly battles. As the player progresses, they could face off against some of Doctor Strange's most famous foes like Dormammu, Baron Mordo, or even Mephisto himself. And, of course, the game wouldn't be complete without a cameo from Doctor Strange's faithful sidekick Wong.

I think a Doctor Strange pinball machine would be a ton of fun. It would allow players to experience some of the Doctor's most iconic battles while also providing some great opportunities for multi-ball play and unique modes.

Plus, it would be one of the most visually striking pinball machines out there, thanks to all the psychedelic colors and visuals associated with the character. Here's hoping that someone at Stern reads this and takes this idea seriously!

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