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Phantasm is a cult classic 1979 horror film directed by Don Coscarelli. It follows a young boy and his friends as they confront a mysterious mortician, known as the "Tall Man," and his army of deadly dwarfs. Known for its surreal atmosphere, inventive special effects and iconic villain, the Tall Man. The movie has spawned several sequels.

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Phantasm Pinball Machine

Phantasm Pinball

Phantasm is a 1979 American horror film directed by Don Coscarelli. The film follows a young boy named Mike and his older brother Jody, who discover that their local mortician, known as the "Tall Man," is using corpses to create an army of undead dwarfs. Together with their friend Reggie, they set out to stop the Tall Man and unravel the mystery behind his sinister plans.

The movie's premise is a combination of horror and science fiction, it explores themes of death, fear and the unknown. The Tall Man is a mysterious, almost supernatural figure, whose true nature and motivations are never fully explained. The film also features a number of surreal and dreamlike sequences, adding to the unsettling and eerie atmosphere. The special effects and the originality of the plot, the acting and the music, made it a cult classic and it has spawned several sequels.

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