Galactic Tank Force is the Next American Pinball Machine

Galactic Tank Force is the Next American Pinball Machine
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February 26, 2023
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We've had Galactic Tank Force (aka Space Tanks) in our rumor roundup and Hype Index for some time, and for those who follow the pinball industry closely, it wasn't exactly a well-kept secret that Galactic Tank Force was going to be American Pinball's next pin, their 5th overall and first major release since Hot Wheels in 2020 and Legends of Valhalla in 2021 (though we're not sure we'd call Legends of Valhalla a major release).

And while technically, they haven't confirmed confirmed the game, the teaser video states in a disclaimer that the game is both manufactured by American Pinball and called Galactic Tank Force. So we'll count it as officially confirmed.

We don't know a ton about the game itself, other than it's an original theme as American is known for; Dennis Nordman is on design and art by Christopher Franchi.

From what we can gather in the teaser materials, Galactic Tank Force looks to be a spoofy 50's sci-fi style romp. We're certainly looking forward to playing it when it gets released to the public in March.

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