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Disco is a pinball machine manufactured by Stern Electronics in 1977. Design by Wendell McAdams. Art by Christian Marche.
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Stern Electronics
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Quickie Version:

Build up bonus with rollover discs and spinner; triple it with Disco letters.

Go-to Flipper:


Risk Index:



Plunge so the ball rolls over the advance bonus button, then drops into the lane for whichever letter you don’t have. If you have neither, go with D.

Full Rules:

Disco was one of Stern’s first games, before even “Pinball” and Stingray. End-of-Ball bonus is the most important feature, so we’ll cover that first. Base bonus builds with that top button, the similar button in the center above the flippers, and for every 10 spins of the lit spinner. Which spinner is lit is changed by hitting that advance bonus button in the center. Base bonus goes up to 100,000. To get Double Bonus, hit the Star target between the two top lanes. To get Triple Bonus, get both double bonus and each of the D-I-S-C letters, then hit the Star target again. The other good point opportunity besides bonus is the rollovers in the chute at the top left. They’re only worth 1000 each to start, but if you hit the three S-C-O standup targets on the right side, they increase to 10,000 each. At that point, each shot going through the chute will be worth 50,000. The left return lane will spot you the S target; the right lane will spot the C target. The O target can only be scored by hitting the standup. The return lanes also are worth 5,000 each; outlanes are worth 10,000. Strategy is to get double Bonus a.s.a.p., then get your DISCO letters. Once you have the star lit for Triple bonus, hit it. Then it’s left chute all day.

via Bob's Guide

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