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Dracula is a pinball machine manufactured by Stern Electronics in 1979. Design by Harry Williams.
Primary manufacturer:
Stern Electronics
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Game type:
Solid State
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Quickie Version:

From the lower left flipper, UTAD through the spinner, then using the upper left flipper to shoot the drop target bank when doing so. From the right flipper, shoot the left side drop target three-bank all day. When the collect bonus saucer is lit for 14K or more, shoot it.

Go-to Flipper:

Mild bias Left

Risk Index:


Full Rules:

Skill Shot is a plunge-and-flip: a full plunge will loop around to the upper left flipper, where you can shoot for the drop target bank. You bonus multiplier, 2X, lights via either making three “star” loop shots around the left side circle around the saucer or completing the left drop target three-bank twice. Each also scores points; the drop target set gives 3K the first two sets, then 7K thereafter and is the better strategy of the two. The circle shot becomes worth 10K after the third one, but there’s more drain risk from that shot since it’s tight with posts beside it. On your last ball, the 2X multiplier randomly alternates with a 5X multiplier; ideally, when you drain, you want to “drain wisely” with the 5X lit. Base bonus goes up to 20K, but goes up in 2000 increments, not the usual 1000. It can be collected at the saucer, which resets it to 2000. Don’t bother shooting the saucer to collect it unless you’re at 14K or more. It’s usually possible to backhand the saucer from the left flipper. Collect bonus includes the multiplier. The spinner is lit in an unusual way: rather than “by skill,” it’s lit at particular values of end-of-ball base bonus: 2000, 8000, 14000 and the maximum, 20000. The only way to put it on to stay is to max out your bonus [and not collect the bonus]. Lit value is 1K per spin vs. 100 normal. The top bumper is worth 1000 and a bonus advance, while the other bumpers are only worth 100. Generally ignore the right side X-Y-Z standup targets, but the fourth stand up target, the one above the X, registers a star loop just like shooting the left circle. You can sometimes get a star loop while shooting the left side drop targets - - the rebounds occasionally go around the loop counterclockwise; just one more reason not to shoot the loop directly. If for some reason specials are set to award points, an alternate strategy is to get X-Y-Z, then shoot the Y all day. The second and subsequent post-set Y shots award a special. That’s better than trying to shatz for EBs or specials, since shatzes often go inlane-outlane.

via Bob's Guide

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