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Star Gazer

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Star Gazer is a pinball machine manufactured by Stern Electronics in 1980. Design by Brian Poklacki. Art by Gerry Simkus.
Primary manufacturer:
Stern Electronics
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Game type:
Solid State
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Quickie Version:

Lit spinners and lower drop target banks all day.

Go-to Flipper:

mild bias Right

Risk Index:


Full Rules:

Star Gazer is a spinner-heavy game with a decent bonus potential. Base bonus is earned for getting each zodiac symbol on the 12 drop targets around the game; they’re lit until you collect them. The star rollovers next to each flipper award a zodiac letter when either the top or third light on them is lit. Completing the zodiac symbols lights your 12K Super Bonus and you go on for another 12 to get to a 24K light, then on to have both the 12K and 24K lights lit for 36K. You can get 11 more in a third set before it rolls over, or 47K maximum base bonus. Base bonus is held. Bonus multiplier is raised by completing either of the lower two drop target banks. The multiplier goes up to 10X; its current value is the sum of the 1-2-3-4 bonus lights. Max bonus is thus 470K. Drop target values go up each time they’re hit, from 1K until they’re worth 4K. The two flipper rollover lights that don’t spot targets each light the spinner opposite the flipper. It’s possible to use a quick, short jam flip when the ball is cradled to make it go backwards over the rollover to score a zodiac item or light a spinner. The upper left spinner value cycles until you lock it in by hitting one of the 3-bank drop targets right of it. That shot both locks in the spinner value between 500 and 4000 per spin and the locks in the value of completing the 3-bank between 5K and 50K. The two run opposite each other in pairs, i.e. the highest spinner value goes with the lowest target bank value and vice versa. The lower left spinner and the right spinner are fixed at 200 in value unless you light the spinner by the flipper rollover, in which case they’re value goes up tenfold to 2K per spin. The 10X light goes off once you hit a 10X shot when the spinner stops spinning. Strategy is to light the lower spinners and rip them, and try to stop the upper left spinner value on 4000 and rip that. You’ll get the zodiac letters without trying if your ball lasts long enough via random hits into them off the bumpers and flipper rollovers. Once you have enough base bonus, try to finish the drops to advance your multiplier.

via Bob's Guide

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