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They Live

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Another cult classic horror film, fans of the movie and of pinball would love to see what this pinball machine could look like.

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About They Live Pinball

They Live: The Pinball Machine We NEED

If you're a fan of classic sci-fi movies, then you know that They Live is a cult classic. The film, starring Roddy Piper, is about an alien invasion that's been happening right under our noses. And what better way to fight the aliens than with...a pinball machine?! Here's why a They Live pinball machine would be amazing.

They Live is the Perfect Pinball Theme

They Live has everything you could want in a pinball machine theme: an intriguing plot, iconic characters, and plenty of action. Plus, with all of the recent nostalgia for '80s culture, a They Live pinball machine would be perfectly timed. Just imagine battling the aliens on the playfield, trying to reach the highest score before time runs out!

They Live is an Iconic Movie

They Live is one of those movies that's just as popular now as it was when it came out. In fact, the film has been cited as an influence by everyone from Quentin Tarantino to the band Muse. That kind of iconic status would make a They Live pinball machine a must-have for any serious collector.

They Live Has a Great Sense of Humor

They Live is a fun movie, and that sense of humor would carry over perfectly to a pinball machine. Just imagine all of the wacky sound effects and animations that could be included! They Live would be the perfect game for those who like their pinball with a side of humor.

They Live is an Action-Packed Movie

They Live is full of non-stop action, and that would make for some seriously fun pinball gameplay. Just imagine trying to keep your ball in play while all sorts of chaos erupts on the playfield! They Live would be a thrilling pinball experience for anyone who loves fast-paced action.

They Live is a classic sci-fi movie with plenty of action, humor, and iconic characters. It's the perfect source material for an amazing pinball machine. So let's make it happen!

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